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Diesel Nation is excited to announce that we have 5.9L Cummins Diesel Engines on shelf and ready to ship now!

5.9L 12V & 24V specs & info

The 5.9L Cummins diesel engine was made from 1989 through 2007, when it was replaced by the more eco and emission friendly 6.7L. Cummins began by making a 12V version, sometimes known as a 6BT, then in 1998 phased out that model for the new redesigned 24 valve 5.9L ISB.

The 12 valve 5.9L cummins is a favorite engine among Dodge Ram owners and can be found in a variety of applications including, light and medium duty trucks, agricultural equipment, and construction machinery. The engine was popular because it could generate nearly double the torque at low speeds, which increased the fuel economy. Compared to the alternative V-8 model this was a huge upgrade.

When the 6BT was phased out in 1998 it was replaced by the 5.9L 24 valve ISB. This version of the 5.9L featured first a rotary type injection pump, then in 2003 Cummins upgraded the injection system to a common rail, increasing the power output and performance. ISB stands for Interact System, B Series. This means that the engine uses an electronically controlled injection system.

Truck Year Engine Type
1989-1997 5.9 12 Valve
1998-2002 5.9 24 Valve (Rotary injection pump)
2003-2006 5.9 24 Valve (Common rail injection pump)
2007-Up 6.7L


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We want to ensure that we make buying a your new 5.9L Cummins diesel engine fast and hassle free. Refer to the chart above to see which 5.9 model you need for your truck. If you are still not sure we can help you out. Simply write down your **serial number and we will ensure that you are getting the correct engine.

**To find your serial number:

Cummins serial numbers are 8 digits long and are printed on the block on a dataplate. Your users manual may also have it printed in that, or give a specific location as to where to find your serial number.

The dataplate is typically located on the engine rocker cover, but may be located on the side of the gear housing.

NOTE: ISB engines are produced worldwide. The data plates used on engines may differ in appearance and location of information.

NOTE: If the engine dataplate is not readable, the engine serial number can be identified on the engine block on top of the lubricating oil cooler housing. Additional engine information is available by reading the ECM dataplate.

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