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Introduced in the 2008 model year, Ford presented the 6.4L to replace the 6.0L. This was done due to stricter emission regulations. Ford saw an opportunity to redesign the 6.0L and market an engine that was strong and reliable, but also was compliant in emission regulations. Offering twin turbocharges from the factory, this engine remains the only one on the market to have such an arrangement. The 6.4L also uses the diesel particulate filter (DPF) which eliminates the soot produced.

When purchasing a 6.4L you will need the VIN and possibly the serial number of the engine in your truck. The serial number for a 6.4L Power Stroke engine is located on a half moon shaped section of the engine block on the driver’s side, rear of the engine. The VIN is located on the dash under the windshield an sometimes printed on the doorsill of the driver’s side.

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