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We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which means that we hold ourselves to the highest level of customer service standards. Feel free to check out our company through the BBB! Give us a call today at 1-800-349-0355

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Diesel Nation is a trusted provider of remanufactured, overhauled, new surplus, and good running used diesel engines. We ship worldwide and provide our engines to a diverse variety of businesses, municipalities, and private individuals. We’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of great folks and we know that our success is entirely thanks to our incredible customers and the communities we have the pleasure to work with. We appreciate their commitment to us and in turn are committed to providing the quality, value, and customer service they can rely on.


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Remanufacturing diesel engines allows us to provide high quality diesel engines for sale at a fraction of the cost of new. We offer engines in various stages to provide the best fit for our customer’s needs and budget. Complete, Long Block, and Short Block Remanufactured engines are available for almost every diesel need. We also have new surplus diesel engines for sale and good running used take out engines. Call us, tell us what’s going on and we’ll provide multiple options so you can choose the perfect solution for your situation! 1-800-349-0355

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GMC/Chevy Passenger Truck Diesel Engines

Love your truck? Can’t imagine your life without it? Need a new engine to keep your pride and joy running at its peak? Look no further than Diesel Nation! We have a huge inventory of GMC and Chevy diesel engines for passenger trucks for sale ready and waiting for you! From brand new, to […]

Dodge Cummins Truck Engines

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We carry Cummins Diesel Engines for passenger trucks. From the 5.9 cummins diesel engine to the 6.7, we have them all! These remanufactured long blocks are currently on shelf and ready to ship nationwide. With a warranty on every engine you can rest assured that you will be getting a quality engine at a […]

International/Ford Diesel Engines


International/Ford Diesel Engines
Need more power in your Ford truck? Diesel Nation has got you covered! Up the ante with a powerstroke diesel engine and get back on the road fast! These engines are in stock and ready to ship nationwide! We carry long block and some completes for Ford Diesel Engines. Ford Diesel Engines […]

John Deere/Farm Diesel Engines


John Deere Diesel Engines
John Deere Diesel Engines are known for their ability to perform under the harshest conditions. Built to last these engines work hard to keep you and your machine moving. We understand that any down time in your business costs you money, so we work hard to ensure we get you the […]

CAT & Cummins Diesel Engines

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Cummins & CAT Diesel Engines For Sale
Cummins & CAT Diesel Engines for on road vehicles
Cummins and CAT Diesel Engines are the industry leader in diesel engines for on road vehicles. Whether you are looking for an engine for a bus, a on road tractor, or even a large semi truck we have you covered! […]

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