There is a heated debate among engineers on whether the combustion(gas) engine or the diesel engine provides the most benefits to drivers. Worldwide diesel is growing in popularity, not only for industrial applications but for smaller lightweight diesel engines that power personal vehicles. Europe alone has seen an increase in the personal use of diesel engines in vehicles, almost 50% of drivers own a diesel car.

Here are just a few reasons why some engineers argue diesel is better:

  • Diesels are more reliable: They do not have high volt ignition system (spark). They also do not emit radio frequencies like combustion engines that can interfere with the vehicles electronic system.
  • Diesels last longer: It is no secret that diesel engines are in it for the long haul. This is partly due to the lubricating properties in the engine that keeps it running for thousands of miles more than their gas counterparts.
  • Diesel Fuel is safer: It does not release fumes like gas engines do, thus it is safer for people and the environment. Also it is much more difficult to burn so it won’t explode as easily like gas.
  • Diesels are more efficient: Most gas engines convert only about 30 percent of their fuel energy into actual power. A traditional diesel converts 45 percent with some engines now converting over 50 percent!

Although people have many different reasons to purchase a diesel car, this list should help make the decision to buy diesel a little easier.


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