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What is a Diesel Engine?
When we think about diesel engines our minds most commonly jump to large pickup trucks and semis. However, the diesel engine is primarily used in the industrial industry, keeping machines like, farming equipment, generators for hospitals, and even large pieces of mining and logging equipment running strong. A diesel engine is defined as an internal combustion engine in which heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite the fuel. We won’t get too technical in this article but if that is what you are aiming to learn we recommend this article here.

Types of Diesel Engines
With diesel power is king and you have two options when it comes to a new diesel engine, either two-stroke or four-stroke. Most diesel engines use the four-stroke cycle, although some larger engines operate on the two-stroke cycle.
If you are looking for a Generator they either produce at single or three phase power. If you want one for your home a single phase will do the trick whereas industrial or commercial applications usually require three phase power. Diesel engine generators are recommended due to their longevity and lower operating costs.

Commercial/Industrial Applications:

The Working Machine:
The vast majority of modern heavy road vehicles like trucks and buses are diesel powered. You know that semi-trucks are primarily powered by diesel but it would also surprise you to learn that most ships, long-distance trains, large-scale portable power generators, and most farm and mining vehicles have diesel engines as well.

In the agricultural field, tractors, irrigation pumps and threshing machines and other equipment are predominantly diesel powered. Construction is another sector that relies heavily on diesel power. All concrete pavers, scrapers, rollers, trenchers and excavators run on diesel.

The mining and mineral extraction sector worldwide relies heavily on diesel power to harness natural resources such as aggregates, precious metals, iron ore, oil, gas, and coal. Diesel-powered shovels and drills excavate these products and load them into enormous mining trucks or onto conveyor belts that also operate on the same fuel.

Emergency backup generators are a must have for any major medical healthcare facilities along with many other businesses.  Due to the critical nature of the work these facilities do, power failures are simply not an option so having a high powered and efficient generator is a must have.
You may be surprised to find diesel engines in almost all of the industrial sectors as well as generators in hotels and hospitals. Without the efficiency of the diesel engine or generator the industrial industry would find it difficult to maintain the high level of performance it has grown accustomed to.

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