With the rise in gas prices and a push to be more fuel efficient without losing the power, Diesel Engines are becoming increasingly popular among many car owners. Whether you are thinking about getting a diesel engine put into your current gasoline run vehicle, or shopping around for a car or truck that has a diesel engine, there are some myths we want to debunk now to help you make the right choice.

  • Diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline

When you go to the pump you can see that on occasion diesel fuel is charged at a higher rate than regular gasoline. Usually that has nothing to do with the cost to produce and everything to do with the local tax structure on diesel. If you live in an area that has a higher tax rate on diesel you will end up paying a bit more at the pump. There is good news though! Diesel engines tend to outperform their gasoline brethren, ensuring that when that little Honda needs to be replaced after a few years, your diesel will be going strong, a huge cost savings to you!

  • Diesel cars don’t perform well.

When you think of diesel engines you usually do not think of diesel cars. You see huge trucks, semis and even industrial equipment. However what you may not realize is that car speeding by you on the freeway could be a diesel powered car. Diesel trucks can give diesel cars a bad rap since they tend to be a bit slower on the uptake, but keep in mind their size and weight! It is a studied fact that diesel powered engines perform when the engines revolutions per minute(RPM) are lower, usually under 65 miles per hour, the most common driving speeds. Gas engines actually reach their peak at higher RPMS. So while your gasoline car driving friend might beat you going 80 MPH, the day to day driving of the diesel car will outperform and outlast the gas car.

  • Diesel is Dirty.

We all have that vision of the loud diesel barreling down the road with a huge plume of black smoke in his wake. However, because of strict EPA emissions guidelines that is absolutely no longer the case. In fact diesel engines are held to the same standards as car engines when it comes to emissions. The law changed in 2007 so you can rest assured that if your diesel car or truck is a 2007 or newer it is not dirtier than a standard gas run car.

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