Sample John Deere engine plate

John Deere engine sales run the gambit from small diesel engines in personal lawn mowers all the way up to industrial application engines. Each engine has a unique number on the engine plate (or Data Plate). This number is the ESN, also known as the Engine Serial Number. Find the engine plate and you have located the ESN! The engine plate is typically located on the side of the diesel engine.

The ESN is a 13-digit code which holds engine specific information. This engine specific information is something we must have to ensure we are finding the correct John Deere diesel engine for you. Let’s break this down.

CD 6068 T 456138

The first two letters in the serial number indicate the factory where the engine was built.

The next set of numbers indicate the diesel engine model you are looking for.

The next part is a letter. This letter indicates the aspiration type OR emission code. Aspiration type refers to older model engines, whereas the emission code applies to newer models.

The last part of the serial number indicates the sequential serial number that applies to the John Deere engine. Essentially this number tells you the amount of diesel engines that were made, i.e. when was your engine made in that line of engines.

The different aspects of the ESN are essential in the sale of your diesel engine and making sure you receive the exact engine you need. When contacting us about a John Deere engine please try to have the ESN ready to go. If you do not have it, please feel free to email us pictures of your engine and/or engine plate. We look forward to assisting you with all of your John Deere engine sales!