Diesel Engines for your Ford Passenger Truck

Ford Passenger Truck Diesel Engines

We carry a wide variety of Ford Passenger Truck Diesel Engines for sale. We have everything from the 4.5 Powerstroke to the newer 7.3 Powerstroke. Let us help you get your Ford Passenger Truck back on the road!

    Need information fast? Check out our FAQ’s below!

  • What diesel engines do you
    offer for Ford?

  • What comes in my long block?

  • What sort of warranty do I get?

  • How much is shipping and when can I expect my engine?


    What Engines do we carry for Ford?

    Ford Diesel Engines we have available
    We carry long block in all these engines and in some we carry complete engines. Call for availability. 1-800-349-0355

    Let us help you find the right engine to power your Ford Truck.
    • 4.5/VT365
    • 6.0 Powerstroke
    • 6.4 Powerstroke
    • 6.4Powerstroke *Buttoned up
    • 6.7 Powerstroke
    • 7.3 I.D.I (’87-’93)
    • 7.3 Powerstroke (’94-’02)

    *Ask about our buttoned up option for the 6.4 Powerstroke. It comes with a standard long block configuration as well as:

    *Front and back covers   *Valve covers     *Oil pan    *High pressure fuel pump

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    Long Block VS Complete

    The difference between a long block and complete configuration is that the complete is a drop in engine. The long block has parts, such as the fuel system, that would need to be moved over.

    What type of warranty does my engine come with?

    We stand behind all our warranties! We offer a warranty on every engine. Call us to find out more! 1-800-349-0355

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    Shipping Information

    • Worry free shipping! Every engine is shipped insured!
    • On shelf engines are ready to ship within 2-5 business days
    • Coast to Coast transit time varies
    • Call us at 1-800-349-0355 for a detailed quote
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