As 2014 comes to a close we can look forward to a whole new fleet of awesome Diesel Trucks hitting the dealer lots. From GMC, Ram to Ford, there are so many new options out there we can argue that this is going to be one of the best years in Diesel Trucks. We see a Ram truck with 865 lb-ft torque, straight off the dealer lot, yes no joke 865! Ford is reaching modern muscle car horsepower ratings with almost 440 hp, not too shabby. So, whether you have a big job to handle or want a car that will always get you there, here are a few of the trucks you can expect to find when you visit your local dealer.


The second generation of 6.7L Power Stroke engines debuts in the ’15 Ford Super Duty with 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque. That’s a notable improvement of 40 hp and 60 lb-ft over the previous generation thanks to a larger turbocharger, a new downpipe design, and higher-flowing injector tips. The new turbo also provides better exhaust braking, which can now be turned on and off with a push of a button on the instrument panel. Improvements to the F-350 chassis include new front springs along with a wide track axle when the high-capacity towing package is ordered, increasing the maximum gross combined weight rating (GCWR) from 31,900 pounds to 35,000 pounds. The F-450 gets a number of improvements that include new rear leaf springs; upgraded U-joints and rear suspension components; commercial-grade, 19.5-inch wheels and tires; stronger gears and linkages in the steering system; and larger brakes, like those used on chassis cab models. Along with those upgrades, the F-450 has a new fifth-wheel/gooseneck hitch that’s designed to allow it to handle 6,500 pounds more than ’14 F-450s, for a maximum tow rating of 31,200 pounds and a maximum GCWR of 40,000 pounds, which is 7,000 pounds more than the previous year.

Engine Specification


Engine: Ford Power Stroke
Displacement: 6.7L (406 ci)
Configuration: V-8
Power: 440 hp at 2,800 rpm
Torque: 860 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm
Turbocharging: Single, variable-geometry turbo
Bore x Stroke: 3.90 x 4.25 inches
Compression ratio: 16.2:1
Valvetrain: OHV 32 valves
Head Material: Aluminum alloy
Block Material: Compacted graphite iron
Transmission: Six-speed shiftable automatic



The most noticeable change for the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD trucks is the addition of the double cab models, with front-hinged doors, that replace the extended cabs. Along with the new cab design, the trucks have new interiors, standard StabiliTrak with Trailer Sway Control, and a new airflow design for better underhood cooling. Other features include all-new, stronger 6-foot 6-inch and 8-foot cargo beds with CornerStep bumpers and EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgates. The ’15 Silverado and Sierra are powered by the 6.6L Duramax LML V-8 engine that’s good for 397 hp and 765 lb-ft of torque and is connected to a six-speed Allison 1000 transmission. The maximum available payload is 5,817 pounds, the maximum fifth-wheel/gooseneck tow rating is now 23,200 pounds (formerly 22,500 pounds), and the conventional tow rating has increased from 18,000 pounds to 19,600 pounds. The front suspension for both two- and four-wheel-drive models continues to be a torsion bar independent front setup (unlike Ford and Ram), with a leaf-sprung solid axle in the rear on all models. GM is offering two new up-level models for ’15 to hold buyers over until the new generation of ¾- and 1-ton trucks arrive for 2016. The Chevy Silverado High Country HD and the GMC Sierra All Terrain HD both come with special interior and exterior features and include unique wheels and all-new, chrome-capped, heated trailering mirrors with built-in backup lamps and turn signals.

Engine Specification


Engine: Chevrolet/GMC Duramax LML
Displacement: 6.6L (403 ci)
Configuration: V-8
Power: 397 hp at 3,000 rpm (LML – pickups)
Torque: 765 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm (LML – pickups)
Power: 260 hp at 2,800 rpm (LGH – vans)
Torque: 525 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm (LGH – vans)
Turbocharging: Single, variable-geometry turbocharger
Bore x Stroke: 4.05 x 3.89 inches
Compression ratio: 16.0:1 Valvetrain: OHV 32 valves
Head Material: Aluminum alloy
Block Material: Cast iron
Transmission: Six-speed shiftable automatic

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